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An Introduction To The Information Marketing Business

An Introduction To The Information Marketing Business

What is Information Marketing?

Information Marketing is the creation, promotion and the selling of information based products that is created once and sold many times.

Information Marketing is about identifying a responsive and hungry market or group of people who have high interest in a particular subject or topic with a strong demand for information; packaging an information product in a suitable format–with the purpose of educating these set of people–and devising ways and methods to sell and deliver the products.

Why Start an Information Marketing Business?

What’s in it for you if you start an information marketing business? And why should you choose this business over many other business models? There are astounding answers to these questions.

• The profit far exceeds work
In the Information Marketing business world, you do the work once and get paid many times because the marketing system that is set-up generates money for you on auto-pilot.

• Easy to learn and operate
Information Marketers do not need to have talent, expertise or any remarkable gift to begin (But having these skills makes work easier for you as it shorten the time needed to learn them). You also determine the amount of time you spend running the business.

• Establish your credibility faster
Your subscribers will always buy more from you if you provide them with quality products. They will be interested in buying other products from you (after buying the first time) once you establish your credibility–by providing quality products–on the topic you have chosen.

Benefits of Information Marketing

The benefits of running an information marketing business are numerous. If you are about giving up on the idea that this is not for you, consider the benefits inherent in this business such as:

• Flexibility
Everything that is needed to start an information marketing business can be learned in few months–or weeks if the resources are available–and you can begin to make money after six months.

• Low start-up cost
The cost of start-up is relatively low. You don’t have to be a millionaire before you can start an information marketing business neither do you have to be a petroleum tycoon. Since the inventory cost very little or cost next to nothing, you make more money selling more of your information products.

• Profit Potential is Huge
You can make hundreds of dollars doing this business alone. An example is the Information Marketing Organisation with a large database of credible info-marketers. The general rule of thumb is the more money you invest in the business, the more you make from it.

• You can work from Home
One of the interesting thing about this business is that it can be operated from you home as long as there is computer and internet connection. The freedom this brings gives you more time to spend with your family and loved ones.

What is Needed For Running an Information Marketing Business?

To run an Info-Marketing business, you must have in place necessary skills–or learn them–to operate it successfully. There are many skills you can learn when starting-out. I have outline some of the things you will need to start.

• Idea or expert knowledge
If you are knowledgeable or have expert skills in a particular topic or subject, chances are that other people are interested in that topic too. This opens an avenue for you to easily make money with your topic of interest. But if you do not have any experience or knowledge, don’t panic! What you need to do is identify the problems people are having. Make research on how to solve the problem and package the solution in suitable format and offer it to them.

• Video/audio program and/or Word processor
You need a word processor program like Microsoft Word (preferable) or notepad to type up your documents. You will also need a software to record your audio files or videos if you choose to offer video and audio equivalent of your products.

• Portable documents format converter
The best–and most popular–format for eBooks now is the portable documents format. It is the most widely used format for eBooks on internet. Many information marketers have used it successfully. You should follow suit. There are paid and free versions available on the internet. You can choose between the free or paid options depending on your budget.

• Ftp program
You need to make use of ftp program to upload your files and documents to the internet. You can download free ftp programs on the net. Try searching through Google and choose the one that you like. But if you want the paid one, you can get it from the internet too.

• Download page
This is where people will download your products after they have paid for it. It can be on a website you have created or a third-party website that offers you bandwidth and space to upload your files to.

How to Profit from Information Marketing

There are so many ways to make money from information marketing especially now that readers are reading increasingly more content on the internet and turning to cyberspace whenever they need information on anything at all.

That is why information marketing offers such an interesting business opportunity for writers an non-writers alike.

You can make a lot of money as an Information Marketer if you are very creative.

• Videos
You can offer videos to those who don’t have the time to read or who hate to read. Offering your information in this form can attract potential customers who prefer information in the form of videos.

• eBooks and report
You can profit online selling information in the form of eBooks and reports. If you can’t write, you have the choice of hiring a freelance writer to write it for you–with your guidelines–or buy private label right products and re-write them.

• Membership sites
You can set up a membership site that offers monthly fresh content to subscribers and charge them monthly recurring fees or a one-time fee (the latter being more expensive than the former).

• Downloadable audio and mp3
You can also offer your information products in downloadable audio or mp3 format for instant download after payment. This affords your readers instant gratification and they will thank you for it.