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Ankor Planetary Mixers Are Essential for the Commercial Kitchen

Ankor Planetary Mixers Are Essential for the Commercial Kitchen

Ankor planetary mixers make a great addition to the commercial kitchen. The reason they are called planetary mixers is because they are able to mix different types of food items as opposed to having only one use. They have a variety of uses and settings that make it a baker’s dream.

For a restaurant, bakery or confectionery it is essential to have an Ankor planetary mixer because chefs and bakers makes various types of desserts and dishes on a daily basis.

These mixers are built to handle heavy loads and usage. You can add more food items than you would in an ordinary mixer because this mixer can handle the large quantities of food. Certain models are also designed with a rounded bowl for easy cleaning. In addition, the standard stainless steel accessories are dishwasher safe.

Ankor planetary mixers are manufactured with a high efficiency motor with direct drive that makes these units quiet yet powerful. They don’t rattle as much as their predecessors may have. The full metal construction and precision gears also add stability and durability. It includes the original planetary action that ensures fast and thorough mixing.

Safety is an important feature for the Ankor planetary mixers. It is manufactured with a wire guard that prevents any slip-ups or accidents and it has a stop switch that activates when required.

The Ankor planetary mixers are available in different models such as a floor standing mixer or a standard counter top mixer. Depending on your requirements and space availability in the kitchen, you can opt for either a floor standing option or a counter top model.

Most models are supplied with a single attachment hub which allows for easy usage. You can also obtain various types of optional accessories.

Well, now that we know what it is capable of, what can it be used for? The Ankor planetary mixer can be used for the following: blending or creaming dough together, kneading dough, beating or whipping cream, mixing ingredients together (e.g. a cake batter, scone mix or muffin mixture), preparing frosting, and much more.

The Ankor planetary mixer is an interesting piece of kitchen equipment due to its versatile qualities. It reduces the time in the baking process and allows the baker to multi task while the mixer is running a particular mixture. This is a unit that is very handy for restaurants, bakeries, confectionaries and hotels as they are a durable and reliable unit that also includes safety in its construction.