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Anvil Salamanders Multiple Uses in the Commercial Kitchen

Anvil Salamanders Multiple Uses in the Commercial Kitchen

These days there’s such a high demand to keep customers happy, not only for the obvious reason of having happy customers for sales purposes but because the competition is so high. There are so many restaurants and food chains out there. In order to stay ahead of the restaurant game, you need to be able to multitask in your commercial kitchen so that you can prepare meals faster and consistently every time. Anvil Salamanders offer restaurants another way of multitasking.

What can Anvil Salamanders do for your commercial kitchen?

Salamanders can be used for toasting bread slices. These Anvil Salamanders can toast approximately 200 to 400 slices an hour. This is ideal for cafes that have sandwiches on their menu. It is also able to defrost ready-made dishes. It can also be used for reheating pizzas, croissants, sausage rolls, fried eggs and other meals. For pizzerias and bakeries, this is a very useful kitchen equipment. That’s not all, salamanders can also gratinate onion soups and cheese sandwiches. Furthermore, it is also used as a plate warmer or a pass through hatch. So you can serve warm meals on heated plates to your customers during these cold winter days. This is a very useful added function for any restaurant.

There are various Anvil Salamanders available depending on your demands. You are able to choose larger versions if you have a high demand of meals, or you could choose between an electrically powered or a gas powered Salamander. During these uncertain load shedding days, the gas powered version may be a good option too. There is also an adjustable Anvil Salamander option available which has a robust stainless steel construction with an adjustable height. This is suitable for different cooking applications such as the aforementioned defrosting and reheating but it eliminates the need for pre-heating the unit first. Most versions come standard with a one crumb tray and the removable cover allows for front and rear access.

Anvil Salamanders are ideal for use in busy restaurants that need to quickly defrost dishes, reheat meals or toast a large number of bread slices. It offers many uses within one machine which means that you are able to eliminate the need for many different types of equipment that offer each of these functions individually. That means that the Anvil Salamander also saves space in your commercial kitchen. Pubs, coffee shops and cafes also benefit from this multipurpose catering equipment.