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Article Marketing – Uncover 3 Secrets to Advance With Article Marketing

Article Marketing – Uncover 3 Secrets to Advance With Article Marketing

Many people making money online use article marketing to generate qualified prospect traffic to their site. Why? It is a very cost-effective way to promote your products, your website and your expertise online. No need to spend money on postage and postage cards or lots of paper. When you do things electronically, you work with invisible data bits in an organized process to result in marketing! People like to sample a new business’s products. When you write lots of articles and do article marketing, people sample your quality content. Writing your articles and then sharing them in article directories, you get valuable back links to your website that brings in more traffic and potential customers. Move forward through this article to uncover 3 secrets to advance with article marketing.

1. Write topics that intentionally attract your niche market readers. For example, if you are interested in attracting people needing sales letters, talking about potato chips is irrelevant to them. Talking about your favorite tasting potato chips will do nothing to capture your prospects’ attention. So, think like your niche. Pick topics appealing and interesting to them and to what you sell. Those types of articles will directly impact your chosen niche readers easily those readers will be most likely to buy from you.

2. Article titles create your first impression so create attention-grabbing ones. Think in sound bites. What three second idea catches and holds the attention of your niche market readers and buyers? Think about “envision benefits.” How can you write a title that results in the reader imagining the benefit of solving his or her problem using your products or services? For example, suppose you write sales copy letters. Imagine a picture in your mind of the ideal end result your customer would like to experience as a result of hiring you to write sales letters. It might be a picture of your customer dressed in a business suit surrounded by people waving money at your customer. How can you write that idea in a title so that your potential prospects would hire you to write sales letters? How about “10 Secret, Money-Making, Client-Grabbing Sales Letters Strategies Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know.” Titles like these get your curiosity up, don’t they?

3. Remember that your goal in writing articles for article marketing is to provide knowledge so clients can read information to improve one’s life or completely solve at least one pressing problem. It’s nice for you to entertain yourself with topics you like to write. However, write your articles with your readers’ most pressing needs in mind. Your articles must be all about your readers. Discuss their needs, likes, dislikes, demands, and such. Imagine that you are their private cheerleading writer. Your entire focus when you write articles is to say genuine things so prospects and customers feel good about what they’re doing and who they are. That will certainly make your articles memorable and very useful for your niche. And that’s good for business.