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Buy Solo Ads That Work – Guaranteed

Buy Solo Ads That Work – Guaranteed

Are you in search of an easy and quick way to drive traffic to your offer? Then solo ad is the best answer. They aren’t discussed much and do you know why? Few people who use it are hesitant to reveal their secret of effectiveness to their competitors. The best thing about them is that there are no distractions. Your email content simply consists of your ad. This also means you can reach out to a larger audience and utilize that to make your list longer. Here are some ways to advertise your affiliate programs, using solo ads…

1. Buy From a Reputable Vendor
The basis of using solos lies in buying it from a source that is well established and reputable. There are many reliable sources available in the market. However, some people sell them with no list or a list which consists of dead or fake email ids. Remember good solos don’t come cheap in case you even think of wasting your money on disreputable vendors.

2. Skim through User Reviews
Like every other thing you plan on buying, you might want to check out reviews of people on any solo ad offer. You can even check forums where the discussion centers around solo ads and think through the vendors you have got in mind. These days there are too many fake reviews too. If the reviews seem completely positive, it means there is something fishy, but if you see positive plus negative reviews, there are chances they may be true.

3. Make a Professional Ad Swipe
Wondering what swipe copy is? It is the email you send to the solo ad vendor who then forwards it to his list. Keep this content precise, short and emphatic. If it is long, the chances are mostly that people won’t read it. People won’t read it also when it is not interesting. Make it everything that people would love to read it.

4. Beware of too expensive Solo Ad Offers
Solo ads are basically costly. People spend so much money and time to make lists consisting of hundreds of thousands of email ids. They are not willing to sell it out cheap. And if you come across a solo ad that is really cheap, there are a lot of chances that most of the email ids are going to be fake or dead making you waste your money.

5. Don’t Forget Your Call-to-Action
When you buy ads, your ad is bound to be seen by many potential buyers which is the reason DO add a good call-to-action in order to elevate your Click Through Rate (CTR). Take the time you need to write an attractive call-to-action as it stands out to be an extremely important part of your ad.