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Can Using Tactics Get You Into Trouble As a Marketing Coach?

Can Using Tactics Get You Into Trouble As a Marketing Coach?

There are hundreds of quality tactics to make business happen NOW. But just like everything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use them.

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When you’re working with principles like Stephen Covey’s Seven Principles, as long as you’re working within those principles and ethics and then you utilize tactics, there’s everything right about that.

Those who are skilled in persuasion use tactics constantly.

They become so adept that they don’t know how or what they’re doing at the moment because it’s drilled into who they are.

Imagine this: Your son, if he’s on his bicycle and there’s a car coming at him, you’re going to use very specific words and tactics that you know are effective in getting people to instantaneously do what you tell them to do. And so you say, “Son, quickly come back here, instantly, now!”

That’s a tactic.

And there are hundreds of quality tactics to make business happen now. But it’s very much like some of the seduction stuff that’s how there.

I like the seduction material because the seduction material basically does one thing; it gets you the first date. But seduction material doesn’t work the second time.

Everything that’s a tactic gets the first appointment; gets the first date. But after that, it’s your character, it’s who you are, it’s something about you that’s special or unique that makes you different from everybody else, that gets you the second date, the second appointment, the business in the future.

When you’re selling your consulting services are you specifically trying to close deals in your consulting practice or are you actually persuading people to ask you to do business with them?

I listen to Zig Zigler “Secrets to Closing the Sale” and I loved that set; it was really cool, lots of cool stories and stuff to close sales.

But I think if you think in terms of closing sales, from a tactical point, that’s probably an error.

I walk into every conversation with an assumption that is, if I’m talking to this person, why would they do business with anybody else?

It’s not arrogance; it’s just that I know I’m going to work harder for that person and give them more value and more information than anybody.

I really believe this is who I am. If someone comes out with a product and I think it’s awesome, I’ll come out with a better one because I don’t want them to have the best product out there.
I’ll have the best one.

That’s just how I am and I think if people believe the same thing, it’s not even believing in yourself. You are going to work harder for this person than anybody else so why the heck would somebody do business with anybody else?

So it’s not even persuading; it’s almost like an attitude. And so I always think about things happening fast.

In the sales presentation, I never talk for a long time, I just say, this is what I have, this is what it does, let’s do this right now. And then talk about baseball.

It would never dawn on me to try to force the close or anything like that. I would try to build rapport, intentionally on purpose at first.

As a marketing consultant, learning ethical use of tactics will not only help you to establish rapport quickly, but will also increase the likelihood that you will close a sale.