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Email Marketing – The Rudiments of a Customer Retention Email

Email Marketing – The Rudiments of a Customer Retention Email

The concept of doing business and making the highest amount of profit never lies in the purchases that are made on installments. This is why you get the words turnover when you talk about small businesses. Customer retention emails is one of the types of emails involved in email marketing. Here, the important thing is how to keep the customers you have already garnered to continue purchasing your products and services or visiting your website and you can only achieve this when you send the right content to the appropriate receivers.

Contents of the message
Before you can get the customer retention emails right, you must consider some basic facts. The number one of these facts is that there is a difference between this type of email and the brand building or even the royalty emails. On many occasions you see a lot of marketers misplacing things here. But in essence, this type of email should basically feature a particular product or offer, and should not be left open to any product. Another thing is that since these emails are not just for pure sales generation, they must target the result of appealing to repeat customers. Because of this, the emails will most likely be less generous than the customer generation emails. Here, you use the messages to maximize the page view and actual revenue of the customer.

Target population
You can use this type of email to target any set of people who registered at your site or purchased products and services with you. It also targets all who have viewing history with your site. You do not need to purchase any emails here. But again, for you to make the best of this, you have to divide the customers according to segments. You do not compose a customer retention email, and send to all your customers. No, you categorize it. If you are into shoes for example, you have to know that those who have previously purchased leather shoes would get a different email message from that of those who purchased trainers and sports shoes.

We all know that the concept of these emails is to get the returning customer to stick with your products and services. Because of this, the emails must simply be to get them to be aware of new products that they may be interested in, or to convey sales, offer, discounts or free gifts. However, in most cases, you have to place a lot of incentives on these, which will include discounts and promo offers, and also remind the customers that they want to make some purchases.