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Re-Energize Your Website by Work Smarter to Get Results

Re-Energize Your Website by Work Smarter to Get Results

A common complaint with many website owners is that their sites are under-performing. Often times, those who are running the site are the culprits! In order to grow a successful online business, you need to work smart. This includes taking the time and effort needed to market your site.

There is a lot more to a website than just having one. Even if you have an amazing site and product, you still have work to do. Fortunately, there are many proven ways to re-energize an under-performing website. Here are just a few.

Innovative Copy
Re-energizing a website can be as extensive as reworking the entire site or as simple as changing the copy. Either way, creating new and fresh homepage copy is always a good start. A homepage is often the first page a surfer sees. This means that your copy must be engaging and include relevant keywords.

Brand Image and Graphics
If you have had the same branded look for three to five years, it may be time to give your company a new image. Consider updating your graphics and maybe changing the color scheme. This does not mean overloading your homepage with graphics and loud colors, which has a tendency to drive surfers away. Keep your web design simple and play around with images, web designs, colors and slogans.

Social networking is one of the best marketing tools available on the web. Within the social web, you can find niche sites and various groups that you can target your marketing campaign toward. Post updates and links as well as do research on existing and potential customers. Being social turns a website into a proactive marketing hub, allowing it to reach surfers of all distinctions and interests. Joining the social web will definitely help re-energize your site.

Frequently update your content! Attune your blog to your new branded image and post new and innovative content at least once a week. Content is the driving power behind any good website. Surfers are looking for information, and what better way to grab their attentions than by providing great content? Make sure your articles are newsworthy and written with plenty of relevant keywords and linkbacks.

Testimonials are a great way to highlight the good qualities your company has. They also help gain customer confidence. Ask your best customers to write testimonials as well as send their photos. Make sure that they are specific with their comments. Audio and video testimonials are also engaging as well as rotating flash testimonials on the home page.

Promotions can be anything from a free consultation to bundle and special offers. These are incentives to buy or test out a company’s products or services. Be selective in your wording and use words like bonus, money back guarantee, free, and starter package. Promotions are meant to capture customers and keep them wanting more. Therefore, make sure you are offering something that will be valuable to your clients.

Success Stories
Also known as case studies, success stories are used to build customer confidence. They differ from testimonials in that success stories are longer and point out a specific reason as to how the company has personally helped someone succeed. In order for success stories to be effective, you need to have at least five stories underlining five different ways to success. If a potential customer can relate to at least two of the five stories, then that is two more reasons for him or her to invest in your products and/or services.

Video is a great way to refresh your website. Over the last few years, sites like YouTube and LiveVideo have boomed, allowing businesses to reach more people through different media. When producing a video, keep in mind that this is also content, which means that frequent updates or making them universal is very important. Some companies have started using video for their blog articles, having a CEO or other corporate head to read or explain what was written in the article.

These simple tips will not only re-energize your existing website, but also help you to branch out to different marketing fields and give you perspective on the work required for a successful site. A website is like a car. You can use it as often as you want, but at some point it needs maintenance and care. Once you’ve got it jump started, it’s up to you to drive it toward web success.