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Segmentation in Email Marketing

Segmentation in Email Marketing

Segmentation is an added advantage of email marketing but it is not being used widely. Marketers can focus on certain group of email addresses by properly segmenting their database. It can also provide complete report that in which areas your product is getting good business and where it isn’t. Marketers or business owners collect information about their customers and subscribers such as address, city, gender, country and interests. This information is kept in your free bulk email software database in proper format so that you can retrieve it according to your query. The basic purpose of your email marketing is to provide information to your potential customers about your products and services. You can divide your collected data in segments to focus on your email marketing campaign.

o Websites ask visitors to select their interests and preferences in the process of taking information from them. Mostly companies don’t use it but if they send emails to people showing interest in your products and services then the effectiveness of your emails would be increased.

o You can create separate lists of email contacts based on gender, location, language, hobbies etc with the help of free bulk email software. There are many items such as clothing with which you need to focus on certain lists of email addresses.

o Some websites entice their subscribers or customers to click on an item to judge their interest. You can target only that segment of email addresses which are interested about products in your industry.

o You can collect information about purchased products from your subscribers to know what kind of products they are interested in. Save the information in your free bulk email software to run your marketing campaign according to your requirements. 

o You can segment your subscribers based on their likes and dislikes. It will help to focus on a certain segment of your email list according to your requirements.

o You can also focus on the segment of your email list belonging to a country. In this way you will focus on a single country and its culture to get good response from readers. If you target incorrectly then it is possible that you will get low response. Moreover if you send the same email message to different countries at the same time then it is possible that your recipients would not be as responsive.

o Similarly, you can segment your email list according to age groups. There is a wide variety of products and services which are suitable to different people according to their requirements. You can market your products and services to a certain age group to get good response.

If you want to perform limited functions then free bulk email software can be used to handle them. But for complete functionality and features you need to buy a powerful software tool.