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The Nokia C6 is a Messaging Focused Mobile Phone With Loads of Support For Web Surfing

The Nokia C6 is a Messaging Focused Mobile Phone With Loads of Support For Web Surfing

Nokia has released their new messaging marvel; the C6, it has a 3.2 inch 640 x 360 resolution (nHD) touch screen which hides a brilliant QWERTY keyboard, the Symbian S60 interface delivers a good user experience and the phone is loaded with a digital camera, FM radio and a music player. Nokia has allowed memory upgrades thanks to the microSD slot with 16GB being the max. The 3G device is integrated with your social networks and e-mail accounts so you will always be in touch.

The C6 is an attractive looking phone and the main display is loaded with resistive touch technology and an accelerometer for switching to messaging mode, the keys on the QWERTY keyboard are perfectly sized for the chubbiest of digits and Nokia have given you plenty of opportunities to take advantage of it with there online messaging services from IM to e-mail and the obvious SMS, MMS and social networking support. The device comes in either black or white and it maintains its cool looks and stylish design in both variants

From the get go the C6 is offering you tons of information, the home screen has been divided so you can spread the info you are after across six dedicated spaces; your favourite widgets can take up one space while the rest can consist of your messaging inbox, live news feeds, social network feeds and your music player, one of the coolest features you can add to your home screen is the Favourite Contacts which allows direct communications with your favourite friends. The main menu has that familiar Symbian look and feel to it, the widget based menu supplies direct access to the phones main features.

Nokia have pre-installed a collection of Ovi services including access to there online application store called Ovi Store which has thousands of apps to download onto your device. Ovi Chat and Ovi Mail are some other features you can take advantage of if you’re a messaging maniac, they are both free and both deliver an alternative to popular providers like Hotmail, Gmail or MSN. Ovi Maps combines with the A-GPS receiver to help with navigation while the Ovi Music Store is packed full of tunes for you to download and add to your music collection.

The Nokia C6 will handle all of your online activities with its 3G and Wi Fi connectivity, the 3.2 inch screen does a great job displaying web pages and the zoom and scroll controls are very easy to use, the overall browsing experience is pretty good and you get full YouTube integration for video uploading and checking out your favourite clips. The C6 is fully integrated with your social network accounts and e-mail accounts for optimised online communication.

Like most phones in the same class the C6 is equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera which comes complete with a LED flash and has been supported by tons of image settings and editing tools to create an enhanced photographic experience; it will handle video recording very well and you can use the sharing facilities to upload your content to your favourite social networks or even YouTube. The phones music player does as a music player should; it will manage all of your tunes and organise your tracks for you and the 3.5mm audio jack will allow you to listen to your music with your own pair of headphones.

The Nokia C6 is a messaging focused mobile phone with loads of support for web surfing, e-mail and entertainment. The phone comes complete with an easy to use interface and full access to the Ovi Store for additional applications. The QWERTY keyboard is well sized quick typing and the screen is responsive and bright, the Nokia C6 has some stiff competition from Sony Ericsson and Samsung as it has been equipped with much of the same technology.