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The Power of the Story! The Secret Weapon of Successful Start-Ups and Booming New Businesses

The Power of the Story! The Secret Weapon of Successful Start-Ups and Booming New Businesses

When it comes to selling or advertising a product or service, does the company with the biggest Marketing Department win? What if you’re a start-up, an entrepreneur, or a small business? What if you don’t have a large budget or layers of personnel? Start-ups suffer the pangs of small spaces, the pain of less staff, the slings and arrows of tight cash flow, and the anxiety of operating each day without a safety net. But they have one very powerful advantage… their story.

Story Marketing gives advertisers an illustrative, emotive, and utterly mesmerizing edge. A marketing story well told can be so captivating that it stops the viewer, the listener, the reader, or the browser during their precious down-time, drive-time, or in-between time just long enough to get a fragment of their attention. That is all a good story ever needs.

Carefully crafting the “life and times” of your product or service is a powerful way to sell, advertise, and communicate its narrative in a fresh and compelling format. Story marketers breathe life into a brand much as a sculptor captures the running veins on the back of a statued hand. Or, an artist paints the sun and heat eclipsing across a field on a late, summer afternoon.

The story of your product or service must be pulsing and alive. It must be memorable and utterly extraordinary. It must grab the consumer by the heart, the mind, and by the hand. It must address how they live, what they hope for, and what they long to become. And, it must call them to action by saving them time, money, worry, or simply making their daily existence a tad bit better.

Many new businesses have no worn path to follow or benchmarks to embrace. They rise and fall on the power of their will and the strength of their desire. While the losers often falter and fade, the winners muscle it out with sheer grit, drive, determination, and something else… a powerful narrative.

Story marketing delivers what the big budgets can’t even comprehend amid all the hierarchy of lost messaging. It accomplishes the critical task of setting your business apart from the crowd by presenting it to the world as if for the very first time. It asks and answers the most important questions that will ever be posed about your new venture… What are the problems it solves? What are the advantages it bestows? And, how does it reflect the needs of the customer?

Let’s face it, there’s no ending like a story ending. If your new product or brand is not evangelized by an exceptional storyteller, you cannot truly succeed at the practice of marketing.