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Website Marketing- Do You Use These 10 Emotive Words On Your Website

Website Marketing- Do You Use These 10 Emotive Words On Your Website

When you are telling one of your friends a new and interesting story, you stand before them, look them in the eye, and say, “You will love this…” You have their full attention, because you are talking directly to them and are about to give them information they will enjoy. Your Website must behave in a similar manner towards your visitors, if you wish them to promote their status from ‘a casual, one-time visitor’ to ‘your active, returning customer’.

In the above opening paragraph, the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ were used 10 times, because they make the message personal and important to you; the reader.

The word ‘YOU’ is one of the most powerful words that you can use to attract the attention of your Website visitors and impart your message to them in a friendly and easily understood manner.

Another emotive word that not only attracts immediate attention, but also can quickly arouse interest and desire in targeted visitors, is the word ‘NEW’. This is because we are conditioned to expect that a new product or service is going to be considerably better than the older version, and therefore one worth acquiring. Many of us also like to be the first to have something new, because it gives us the opportunity to show it to admiring friends.

The word ‘FREE’ has been successfully used in marketing for more than a hundred years and despite the abuse and over-use it has experienced on the Internet, it is probably the most important word that you can use on your Website. This is because we have not only become accustomed to downloading free content, but we also expect it and are frequently disappointed when none is offered.

You must offer something of value to your visitors as a free download, if you wish not only to retain their interest in your Website content, but also to carry out a positive action like registering for your newsletter, or making a purchase.

The word BECAUSE has been used five-times in the above paragraphs, and it is another strong word, which you can use with great success on your Website. It gives the visitor the reason for making a purchase or subscribing to a mailing list; and it can justify your preceding statement. For example, you may say, “This new product will increase your sales, because…” Your visitors want to know WHY you are special, unique, better, or different than others and using the word because can give them the answers they seek.

Your visitors will want to know exactly how they will BENEFIT from something before they take any action; even for a free download they will want some good reasons ‘why’ before they click on your ‘call to action’ link. You can even provide a list with the simple, but excellent, heading of ‘Your Benefits’, because this will quickly summarise why they should take action.

If you prefer not to use the word ‘benefit’, you must still provide full details of the benefits your visitors will enjoy before they will accept your offer.

It may well be the first viewing of your Website for most visitors, and one of the biggest hurdles you must overcome is establishing some form of credibility. TESTIMONIALS can go a long way towards providing some confidence in your visitors that your product or service can provide the benefits you promise. Written testimonials are excellent, but on today’s hi-speed Internet, many visitors expect and enjoy audio and video testimonials from your customers.

The second item you can provide your visitors that will reinforce your credibility is your GUARANTEE. These come in many different forms, but a simple, easily understood, ‘money-back’ if not satisfied guarantee is often the best. In addition to providing a guarantee in writing, provide full details of exactly what they have to do in order to apply for a refund. Use simple language that they can easily read and understand.

The word NOW is a powerful call to action. When you make a ‘call to action’, always end it with the word ‘now’, because it can substantially increase your results.

Two other words that you must use on your Website are BUY and REGISTER, and you have to use them many times, because it is a proven fact that the more opportunities you provide for your visitors to act, the greater your response rate.

Do not be afraid to use the words, BUY NOW or REGISTER NOW on your Website, because if you have given them sufficient reasons to act your visitors will want to own your product, service, or newsletter subscription immediately. Once you have made them want it, let them have every opportunity to have it!

Do not be afraid of exposing yourself to the dangers of taking an order!

Once your visitor has taken positive action in response to your offer, ensure that the next page that opens is one that says THANK YOU! This is the very page that can determine whether your new customer becomes a ‘returning customer’ with repeat orders.

You can go a long way to ensuring they return with an excellent ‘thank you’ page, and perhaps a little unexpected gift as a positive token of your thanks. A surprise gift is the best gift of all, and is one they will remember. Your customer purchases and eBook or a software program from you and on your ‘thank you’ page you provide a link to an extra free download.

The first thing this customer is going to do is tell all their friends about your Website…and that action is viral marketing. Moreover, the unexpected gift is one of the best ways to be active with viral marketing, especially if you tell them that they can pass a copy onto their friends!

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