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Find the Top Affiliate Programs

Find the Top Affiliate Programs

Are you wondering how you can find the top affiliate programs? Affiliate marketing is a nearly miraculous modern method for becoming personally and financially free, but most of us know that there are thousands of incompetent or even fake affiliate marketing programs out there. If you’re not involved with the top affiliate programs, you could find yourself frustrated and broke in no time, wasting countless hours to get nowhere.

First, in your quest for the top affiliate programs, realize that there are many that are free to join while others have a one-time buy-in, usually for less than $100 and often for less than $50. (These don’t include programs like the highly successful Maverick Money Makers, which charges you a monthly fee but which is far more than just an affiliate marketing program, too.) Whether or not the program is free to join might make a difference to you personally, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that program is better or worse than one that charges a one-time fee. Programs that charge the fee do so because the owners only want people who are serious and/or because they use the fee to cover their own member processing expenses.

Top affiliate programs can be uncovered by going to the top affiliate marketing hub in the world: ClickBank. ClickBank is set up to facilitate affiliate marketing payouts, so with ten thousand or more programs going through them it’s no wonder that you can use them to find the top affiliate programs.

First, go to their Marketplace option. Here you’ll find all manner of different industries that you can select. Look up one that appeals to your interests and fits in with your chosen niche, and then you’ll find a whole listing of products that you can promote through affiliate marketing. Each product will include a brief description, stats, relevant links, and the promote button with which you can acquire the hoplink to promote the product.

When looking at the stats pay particular attention to how much you get paid per new sale (amount as well as percentage); “Future” which is the amount of pay you get for products that recurrently bill the client, which tells you what percentage of total sales come from new affiliates; and “Gravity” which tells you the average number of different affiliates who in the last eight weeks have received a commission payout. Gravity is important because on the one hand if it’s high it indicates a big-selling product but on the other hand that means you could have very stiff competition.